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Hi everyone, I'm sorry, I write in English, just not quite well with the Finnish. Story: I have an Opel, Vectra,wagon, 2004 edition, finnish register. 180 thousand kilometers. Enroll at the station to do regular maintenance (oil changes, filters, and etc). Station - Pohjois Helsingin Auto, Konala, Hki.During the two days prior to arrival at the station car breaks down. Result - "we arrive" at the station. It was at October 28, 2009.Until now, a car is not repaired.Engineers first told - broken starter.Starter carried 2.5 weeks. The problems were with General Motors. They could not determine what kind of need a starter.They brought the starter, the car will not start. They looked, instead of oil soot.Decided to wash the engine, again, it did not help. Then sent a letter - it is necessary to change the engine completely.I ask - and the reason for failure, could not write. Answer - curled a bad fuel and bad oil. I write - I poured Neste and Shell, and the oil changed in accordance with the service book on your station. Answer - yes, service book is OK, bud oil is bad and litle. Addressed to OPEL Finland Oy, it said - your problem, deal with our dealer himself. Now promised to send a new engine replacement, waiting. Just want to say (i) the oil itself is not changed, only in station (ii) all oil changes, etc. made in accordance with the vehicle service book (iii) lamp that does not have enough oil not burned. But most importantly - why I stubbornly refuse to say (write) the reason for failure. If anyone needs details, I can send any documents and any information

  • case is already in care?

    If I understood correctly so oil was not sufficient and therefore the engine passed out? the quantity of oil corresponding to the car owner, no maintenance business. If the engine has broken down completely, replaced in favor of a small workshop used a second engine. (Should be cheaper to fix).

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