Omega OPC-turbo-koneilla ja takapotkuna

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Opel to use Cadillac XTS’ platform for the new Omega


Opel plans to revive the Omega nameplate and in order to do so, it also needs some hardware. And what better place to look for than GM’s huge parts bin?

According to, Opel’s new Omega will use the rear-wheel drive platform from the Cadillac XTS. So yes, Opel wants the Omega to be RWD, just like the original model.

Opel’s former CEO, Karl-Friedrich Stracke, revealed that the carmaker is working on a bigger car than the current mid-size Insignia. According to speculation, the new Omega will be powered by similar engines to those of the XTS. However, in Europe, the car will have to be offered with diesel versions, very popular on big sedans.

As for the gasoline engines, the Omega could use the 3.6-liter V6 sourced from the XTS, as well as the 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 from the Insignia OPC. The car could be launched in late 2013, if the financial crisis gives Europe a break. If not, Opel executives may have a really hard time explaining their reasoning behind the Omega revival project.


  • Autohistoriassani on yksi Opel jo ennestään, mutta viime aikoina se ei ole oikein kiinnostanut.

    Poistan Opelin kieltolistalta heti kun pitkäakselivälinen tasapainoinen takavetoinen ilmestyy kauppaan.

  • Mielenkiintoista, vaikka hankkeen toteutuminen lienee hyvin epätodennäköistä.

  • Jostain luin, että mallinimeksi voi tulla vanha kunnon Kapitän :wink:

  • -Z-:

    Jostain luin, että mallinimeksi voi tulla vanha kunnon Kapitän :wink:

    Joko se mätäkuu alkoi?

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