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Joskus onnistuu tekemään hyvän kaupan.
Ostin täällä pohjanmaan alueella Expert -liikkeestä käteisellä uuden Onkyo DV-SP402E:n hintaan 115 euroa. On toiminut äärimmäisen hyvin. Lapsiperheessä arvostan myös sitä, että kaikki toiminnot pystyy käyttämään etupaneelista ilman kaukosäädintä (lapsiperhe = kaukosäädin hukassa).

Toimii cd -soittimenakin kertakaikkiaan upeasti, kaikki naarmuisetkin cdrw -levyt niellyt mukisematta. 192 khz/24bit DA -muunnin ja kaikki! Komponenttilähdöt ym.

Todella hyvä ostos. Pari kuukautta ollut käytössä, eikä pienintäkään toimintahäiriötä.

Alla maailmalta parit testitulokset. En ole muuten kauppias tai sellaisen sukulainen vaan tyytyväinen asiakas vain.

Area DVD, Germany 2004-08
Very good
Tested Product: DV-SP402E
„The appearance of the DV-SP402E emanates such sophistication that has not even been achieved by the top models of its competitors. Another proof for its excellent qualities is its outstanding acoustic performance, which impressed the technicians in the test lab. It is a proper substitute for a CD player, which does not make music sound dull and boring. It even brings some excitement to the auditorium. No matter whether it is connected to the amplifier digitally or analogue, the SP402E impresses with its homogenous, broad and lively sound. Its picture is outstanding, with contrast, colour and balance being extremely good."

DVD Aktuell, Germany 2004-12
The Gentlemen
Tested Product: DV-SP402E
“The manufacturing of the DV-SP402E is outstandingly good and makes the player superior to other players in the beginner’s class. Its front panel and well-manufactured remote control make sure its performance is solid and emanate its high value. The quietly moving loader suits this device as much as its beautiful amber-coloured display. These high standards are supported by the quiet and quick drive, which is able to correct mistakes very easily and quickly.”

Stereoplay, Germany 2005-02
Stereoplay Highlight
Tested Product: DV-SP402E
“….this Onkyo player is definitely part of the winner’s podium..”
“Its most welcome exception: The Onkyo DV-SP402E can be fully operated from the front, which is due to its rocker switch and its comprehensive cursor control. And if you want to make changes in the setup you do not even have to stop the film you are watching…” Overall: Very good. 85 points: Price/Performance ratio: brilliant.

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